How many hours do you need for a wedding photographer

How many hours do you roughly need when booking photography and/or videography?


For bridal parties with 7 or fewer bridesmaids/groomsmen we usually recommend (for 7 or more, add 30 minutes to each bride and groom location:



Grooms place:  60 minutes

Add travel time plus 10 minutes

Brides location: 90 minutes

Add travel time plus 10 minutes

First look: 60 minutes for Bride and Groom (If applicable)

Add travel time to ceremony location



30 minutes for our staff prep (need time to speak priest/officiant

Roughly 60 minutes for Ceremony

Add travel time to photo location


Photo Shoot:

45 minutes for parents, guests and/or bridal party

45 minutes with Bride and Groom

Add travel time to reception location


15 to 30 minutes to shoot reception décor

Add time until you would like us to end.


End of shoot:

You may ask yourself, should I capture first dance, parents dances, speeches, cake cutting or bouquet & garter, late night station or good bye scene?


It depends on what’s important to you. Most couples will have the video stay longer as it not only captures the moment but a tear, laughter or even that voice.


Of course, each wedding day is different. But these general time slots allow for the right amount of time needed for us to photograph or film each important wedding moment.



Do I need a second photographer and/or videographer?


Second camera operators are important for many reasons. Do you like action and reaction shots? more detail shots? or splitting of the houses.


It comes at a cost but it also comes with a lot more moments from different angles.

We recommend second photographers/videographers for:


Ceremonies that start early


Bride and Groom locations being far apart.


Action/Reaction photos and/or video moments


More detail shots of photo and/or video


More candid shots of photo and/or video

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