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Our DJs are booking fast for 2020 and as far as 2021, book us Now to get the best in wedding DJ's.

Want to know why others have recommended us to friends and family?

Here are the 5 top reasons:

 1. It's the best wedding(s) they've attended

 2. Our DJs know how to read the crowd

 3. We play requests (Oldies to the Top 40's)

 4. Great MC's

 5. Top Quality Equipment and Lighting Programmer

Here is some of the equipment you may have available to make your event the event of the year!


-Fireworks, pyrotechnics, Dry ice

- Moving Heads
- Multi-Lingual M.C.'s (Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and more)

- LED's (Up Lighting)

- Upgraded Speaker System
- Video Walls
- Wireless Mic

- Projectors

- Geysers
- Hazer
- TV Screens
- Bubbles
- Video DJ's
- Live Entertainment (Bongo players, Drummers, Dancers, Violinist, Harpist and much more)

We also provide these services for Festivals, Stags, Showers, Confirmations, Baptisms, Birthdays, Promo Parties, Communions, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceanera, Proms, Semi Formals, Formals, Product Launch, Pep Rally, Fundraisers and more.

What helps a DJ:


Bride and Groom dancing along with the guests

Pleasing the older crowd at the beginning of the night with a little mix for the younger crowd and vice versa as the night progresses.


Situations that may impact your DJ:


Photo Booth at the same time the dancing is happening

Certain guests that make it about them and not the dance floor

Entertainment that breaks the dance floor

Your must playlist (especially at the beginning of the night)


Emcee (known as M.C.)


One of the hardest things is finding a good M.C.

There are a lot of M.C.’s that can talk on the mic but that’s about it.  A good M.C. normally starts with a good voice, personality and can organize your event.

Besides the introduction, working along with the captain/Maître’ D at the reception is very important. What people don’t realize is that the M.C. begins coordinating with Maître’ D right at the beginning of the night.  May it be from timing of introduction, toast, grace, speeches parents dance and even cake cutting the M.C. will work with them to ensure all the staff and the kitchen is ready to serve at the right moment.

There are times when during dinner you may notice big gaps in between meals, at this time a good M.C. will entertain or move up the parents dance(s) or get some speeches out of the way while the kitchen is getting the next meal ready. It happens but the kitchen may have delays but it’s to ensure the food comes out right.

This is when an M.C. handles the situation without the bride and groom having to worry why the food is coming out.

A good M.C. can not only speak but be like a good wedding planner that adjusts their schedule on the fly while you enjoy your wedding day.

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