Mirrorless Camera Comparison

A number of our readers have been requesting our team about our recommendations on various mirrorless cameras. With so many different options available today, choosing a mirrorless system can get very puzzling. In this particular article, I would like to begin by comparing mirrorless camera techniques that are available today from different producers. This below charts will be up-to-date periodically with new / up-to-date information. Please note that the below reviews are only for mirrorless interchangeable zoom lens cameras. Discontinued systems such as Pentax K-01, Ricoh GXR, Pentax Queen and Samsung NX have been taken out. The list is sorted alphabetically together to be split into two parts to match. Also, please keep in mind that some of the standards presented in this article are very subjective, depending on our and our readers’ earlier experience using the cameras. I have furthermore published an article comparing mirrorless systems , exactly where I go into a lot more detail regarding lenses and other important considerations.

Mirrorless Systems #1 Canon EOS M Fujifilm By Leica M Leica SL Nikon 1
* Denotes PL Subjective Ranking
Lens Mount Canon EF-M Fuji X Leica Mirielle Leica L Nikon 1
Announcement Date Oct 2012 Jan 2012 Scar 2004 Oct 2015 Oct 2011
Mount Size 58mm 42mm 44mm 51mm 40mm
Sensor Size (Diagonal) 26. 8mm twenty-eight. 3mm 43. 0mm 43. 0mm 15. 9mm
Flange Distance 18mm 17. 7mm 27. 80mm 19mm 17mm
Image Stabilization Lens Zoom lens N/A Lens Lens
Autofocus Yes Indeed No Yes Indeed
Autofocus System Hybrid Hybrid N/A Contrast Hybrid
AF Performance * 4 five N/A 5 five
Indigenous Lenses Available six 21 26 3 11
Third Party Lens 13 38 39 5 0
Total Lenses Available 19 59 sixty-five 8 11
System Compactness * 5 5 4 three or more 5
Image Quality 2. 4 4 5 5 two
Best Model (Manuf. Link) Canon EOS M5 Fuji X-Pro2 Leica M ten Leica SL (Typ 601) Nikon 1 V3
Top Model Cost (B& H) $979 $1, 699 $6, 599 $7, 450 $1, 199

Mirrorless Systems #2 Olympus M43 Panasonic M43 Sigma sd Sony the (E) Sony a (FE)
* Means PL Subjective Rating
** Since both Olympus plus Panasonic lenses are interchangeable, the entire number of lenses is the total for that mount
Lens Mount Micro 4/3 Micro 4/3 Sigma SA Sony Electronic Sony FE
Announcement Time Jun 2009 Oct 2008 Dec 2016 Jun 2010 Oct 2013
Attach Diameter 38mm 38mm ? 46. 1mm 46. 1mm
Sensor Size (Diagonal) 21. 7mm 21. 7mm 32. 1mm twenty-eight. 1mm 43. 0mm
Flange Distance 20mm 20mm 44mm 18mm 18mm
Image Stabilization Lens/Body Lens/Body Lens Lens/Body Lens/Body
Autofocus Yes Yes Yes Indeed Yes
Autofocus System Hybrid Comparison Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid
AF Efficiency * 5 5 ? 5 five
Indigenous Lenses Available 25 thirty-two 28 13 twenty two
3rd party Lenses forty two 42 0 twenty-seven 42
Total Lens Available 99** 99** 28 forty 64
System Compactness * five 5 4 five 4
Image Quality 2. 3 3 5 4 5
Top Model (Manuf. Link) OM-D E-M1 Mark II Panasonic GH5 Sigma sd Quattro H Sony A6500 Sony A7R II
Top Design Price (B& H) $1, 999 $1, 999 $1, 199 $1, 399 $2, 899

I am never going to pick a winner from the above graph, as there are some important criteria to think about such as autofocus speed, image high quality, lens selection, compactness and cost. So if you are shopping for a mirrorless program, I hope you will use the above graph as a reference point.

Please let me know if you have any queries!

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