Methods to Clean DSLR Sensor and Keep Your own Camera Gear Clean

This is our first video guide that we are posting on our weblog about how to clean your DSLR digital camera sensor and keep your camera equipment clean. Please keep in mind that we photo this video last night and I failed to have any time to edit it or add sample images towards the video. I will make sure to post photos of the process along with plenty of textual content describing it later this week, in case you have low bandwidth Internet or don't realize my English (which is not actually my second language, btw). I put to split up the video into 3 parts, because Youtube does not permit more than 15 minutes in one video.

I hope you find it academic and I hope your questions regarding cleansing the camera sensor are responded. Let me know if you have any questions within the comments section below!

Here are the products mentioned within the video:

  1. Giottos Rocket Air Blower (Large) – $9. 99
  2. Noticeable Dust Magic Cleaner Microfiber Towel – $7. 95
  3. Visible Dust Sensor Clean Remedy – $35. 90
  4. Visible Dust Vswab 1 . 0x (for full frame cameras such as D700/D3s/D3x) – $39. 95
  5. Visible Dust Vswab one 5-1. 6x (for cropped messf¨¹hler cameras like D5000/D90/D300s) – $32. 95
  6. Visible Dirt Sensor Loupe – $86. twenty-four
  7. Visible Dust Holding chamber Clean – $29. 95
  8. Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly Pro Kit – $134. ninety five

A cleansing kit with sensor swabs + liquid in one pack is also accessible from Visible Dust.

You can find cheaper alternatives to microfiber cloth, sensor loupe and brushes online at B& H, Adorama or other camera stores. I might not recommend alternative products towards the Visible Dust sensor swabs plus sensor clean, unless you know what you do. Like I said in the movie, I personally use the cheaper method to thoroughly clean the DSLR sensor (which I am going to cover in a different video later), but it is a lot more complicated and can result in more dust if not done correctly.

Here is an article upon how to moist clean DSLR sensor in less than 5 minutes.

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