Learn how to Update Firmware on Fujifilm Digital cameras

If you own a Fuji X-Series camera and you aren’ t frequently upgrading the firmware you may be losing out on a number of features that your camera provides. Firmware is the software that is working your camera, and it is responsible for an amazing percentage of your camera’ s efficiency. While hardware such as the processor as well as the sensor get all the attention, these people wouldn’t do much without the software program that controls them. This real with any manufacturer, but Fujifilm relies especially heavily on software program when creating their cameras. Before we all get started with how to update the firmware, we are going to look at 3 reasons why maintaining the firmware up to date on your Fujifilm camera is important.


Update Firmware To Fix Drawbacks

Keeping your amazing firmware up to date, like updating your overall phone or computer is just piece of basic maintenance. Most electronic devices involve some sort of mechanism for updates. Parasite fixes are implemented through software updates and are an essential to make sure personal camera is working properly. The time that they were first released, both the Fuji X-H1 and Fuji X-T3 the problem with randomly blacking out and moreover shutting down. Fuji very quickly absolved a firmware update to fix problem, but if you used your camera without the need for upgrading it could be a very frustrating get. Over time Fuji has fixed the majority issues, small and large through firmware changesupdates and taking the time to update makes your gear is working good and up to its full would-be.

Update Firmware For New Features

Bug fixes are crucial, but Fujifilm offers another important (and more exciting! ) reason which will update the firmware: new features. As a general company, Fuji employs the Kaizen method of continuous development. As Fuji’ s engineers develop new features Fuji releases them via firmware post. While new features being released through a software tool update isn’ t uncommon, unsecured credit card debt and scale with which Fuji energies out new features is impressive.

Autofocus improvements, new window film simulations, 4k video features, Auto-focus custom settings, and additional extended wide selection ISO options are just a few of the features that may Fuji has released through a firmware write for, to previous generations of spy surveillance gear. When a new feature is prepared, it is generally released to all within the cameras that have hardware capable of handling the actual brand new features. Fuji has been known to pronounce specifications for a new camera next turn around and release a significant combination of the new features into previous family of cameras with a firmware edit.

Update Firmware For Compatibility To New Hardware

When Fuji releases new metallic components such as lenses and teleconverters, some sort of firmware needs to be updated to allow the brand new hardware and to work together. If you are hurrying the latest version of the firmware both in the camera and the lens, absolutely shouldn’ t have any conditions. Fuji provides a compatibility chart for the cameras and lenses so you can test out which version of the firmware you must running to ensure compatibility with an exceptional lens, teleconverter, or other appurtenance. However , the easiest way to ensure compatibility is going to be make sure that both the camera and the website is running the latest version while using firmware.

How To Update Firmware entirely on Fujifilm Cameras

Updating firmware is actually a very simple pathway. I’ m going to walk you delete word here, but Fuji offers instruction by instruction directions on their website as well. It’ which usually also important to note that Fuji a professional releases firmware updates for their widely-used. Lens updates are not released as frequently as camera updates; however , they generally do occasionally release autofocus updates concerning lenses so it’ s vital keep those up to date as well. Headlights sometimes require a firmware update to work well with newly released accessories such as teleconverters. Approach for updating lenses is essentially exactly like updating the camera firmware.

one Check Current Firmware Version Towards your Camera (And Lens)

The first step to updating this firmware in your Fujifilm camera (and lens) is to check and see the activities version of the firmware you are strolling currently. To check the current firmware performace simply turn on the camera despite pressing the disp/back button. The main screen should display the current type of the software for both the camera along with attached lens. It will ask you have to if you want to update, but we aren’t quite there yet so right now just exit out of the menu.


2 . Pay attention to Updates

Once you learn what version of the firmware your ultimate camera and lens are currently running on a treadmill you can check Fuji’ s website to go to what the current version is. This chart lists the current firmware copies for Fuji X-Series cameras as well lenses. If a firmware update are presented for your particular camera (or lens) click the “ firmware download” option next to that update.

Fuji updates are designed so that you can don't forget to jump straight to the current version you get with the firmware. For example , if you are running download 1 . 0 but the current software is 4. 0, you can simply assemble the latest 4. 0 version desire to camera will be completely up to date.

iii. Charge Camera Battery And Equip An SD Card

Before updating the firmware, it is critical that your camera battery is precisely charged. Just like with other electronic devices, in the event your battery dies (or the dslr camera shuts off) during an update, your business run the risk of ruining your cameras.

In addition to a charged duracell, you need an SD card. The size of generally the SD card needed depends on the size of some of the update, but generally updates are really small (the latest one Though updated was around 50 MB). Ideally, format the memory card the camera (to format the card head to user settings in the camera menu) before loading the update on top of the card.

4. Download Update Through to SD Card

Soon after click the “Firmware Download? button in coordination 2 the link should have taken you to definitely a page with information about the update, an important review of the directions on how to modernize, and the license agreement for that computer update. You click to buy the license agreement and begin load newer. You can either download the software especially onto the SD card, or stream it to the computer and then transfer it onto the card.

5. Fit over Firmware Update

At this point you should have a camera by getting a full battery and an Facts containing the software update. Insert some SD Card into the camera, then look the camera on while using the display/back button like we have done in step 1 . The camera are going prompt you if you want to update this particular camera or the lens. Select regardless of which you are updating and click so to confirm and the update should begin promptly. The size of the update will see how long it takes for the software set up, but it shouldn’t take more than a few calling. Make sure to leave the camera the only person while it is updating and do not transform it off during this process or lead ruin your camera.


When the update is also complete, the camera will tell you when it’ s finished. Pop out you see, the SD card and enjoy the new features usefulness camera now has to offer!

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