Helpful tips and ideas for making your wedding beautifully memorable

Planning a memorable wedding can be a hugely rewarding experience for the couple and their family. The trick is to focus on the things that matter instead of worrying about things that could go wrong. No wedding is perfect but if you have fun and enjoy yourself, you can make it a memorable occasion for everyone. In this post, we offer 8 helpful tips that can help you plan a truly memorable wedding without the stress, right from choosing your wedding dress to sending thank-you notes.

All brides have their wedding dress on top of their minds. Obviously, how you look on your wedding day has a great impact on making it a memorable event. The trend nowadays is to have long sleeve modest wedding dresses but as long as it makes you feel good, you can opt for any style you like. Do a lot of online research to find the design that works for you. Next, you should choose a professional who can design it for you and have it ready well in time for your wedding.

As the saying goes, ‘first impressions are last impressions. You can make your wedding a memorable one by making the entrance to the venue something truly amazing. For instance, you could have something simple like showering your guests with flower petals or confetti as they enter. You could even hire a flash mob to entertain those arriving at your wedding in style.


Lighting can make the biggest difference to your wedding; it sets great ambience and great for photo and video. Nowadays, there are plenty of efficient lighting options including LED and other smart lights that use a fraction of your budget, helping you to get more for less.

Theme-based weddings are nothing new, but they remain hugely popular. The key to pulling this off successfully is to personalize it so that it reflects something unique about the couple and does not look like something that was plucked out of a magazine. Your wedding theme could be based on your favorite colors, seasons, hobbies or a significant event or milestone in your life.

Music and entertainment can take your wedding to an altogether different level. Pay special attention to the selection of your wedding playlist or band. Whether you want to have live music or recorded songs, keep things focused on a theme, but experiment with different genres so that guests with different musical tastes can enjoy it. Of course, always choose a highly professional band which ensures that they are well prepared and arrive on time.

A memorable wedding is one where you don’t allow your guests to remain idle. A great way of doing this is by providing ample snacking options so that your guests can socialize with one another while having something delicious to nibble on. You can include small savories like mini pizzas, pastry, and a host of finger foods. It helps to keep your guests’ energy levels high so that they can have more fun.

A wedding is a great time for some sweet tooth indulgence. The traditional wedding cake is a tried and tested staple and is always a hit with wedding guests. Thankfully, caterers nowadays offer greater variety for your sweet palette allowing you to add more sweet treats like macaroons and muffins.

Live streamed weddings are a hot trend and a great way of including guests who cannot make it to the venue. It also allows your online friends to join in your happiness by being present virtually. This requires some preparation like creating a social media event for your wedding and investing in some good cameras and a drone to shoot the wedding.


You can feel even more grateful about your special wedding by sending acknowledgements to your guests. This should be done a few days after your wedding while the memory is still fresh in the minds of the guests. Short, personalized and heartfelt thank-you’s are all you need to say in your gratitude letters.

There are a host of things you can do in addition to the above to make your wedding unforgettable. Remember to do the things that you and your guests will truly enjoy instead of doing things to follow a certain trend. It will simply drain away your energy and make you feel stressed out. The more you keep things simple and honest, the more excited you will feel.

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