Amazing ideas to get wonderful photo shoots on your wedding day

We all love capturing our awesome moment and that is why photos are important. Ways in which you can get a wonderful photo shoot are:

      Book your date:

You can book your photo shoot months in advance. You should remember that weekends are often busy. Working out the details of your photo shoot and clearly communicating what you want will make the experience enjoyable. You are likely to get all the photos in all the poses you want if you communicate your needs with the photographer.

      Pick your location:

Your location is a very important aspect of your photo shoot as you have to think of a place that is meaningful and memorable. Photo shoots are about planning. You should communicate your wishes clearly to your photographer and discuss the location. Light is important in photo sessions so it is important that you shoot before sunset or after sunrise.

      Style tips:

You can find a makeup artist for your big day to see how they perform. That way you have a better idea what you want for your big day as this can help you get better photos.

Makeup trials gives you an opportunity to see how you will look before the event you have been planning for. It is important that you feel comfortable on your big day. You can try a cohesive or a styled look for your photo sessions. If you are uncomfortable in your outfit it will show in your photos. Choosing outfits that complement each other is a great idea. Do not be afraid to accessorize during your photo shoot. You should have fun as your photo shoot etches a great moment in time.

      Props and Signs:

Using props and signs in your photo session is unique and a ton of fun. Talk to your photographer about the props and signs you want to incorporate into your photo. Props will add something special to your photo shoot.



      Do your research:

Planning is an important aspect of a photo shoot as it advisable to get everything set up correctly and the way you want. You can dig for details if you don’t understand anything and you can also seek advice from those that have done similar photo shoots.

Refresh yourself and get new ideas. You can do an online research on the best way to make your photo shoot a memorable experience.

      Shot list:

You can create a shot list for your big day photo shoot. You should know how many outfits you want to use, the props you might need and every detail you can think of. You can share your shot list with your photographer

      Seek inspiration:

Pick an important location where you want your photo shoot to take place. You can go online or browse through fashion magazines. Depending on the style you are looking for.

      Have a backup plan:

It is important for you to know what you will do if your photo shoot plan fails. Photo shoots can be ruined by the weather, your health, the location and other factors.


You should make sure you clearly define your expectations as times you may want to hold back on a second photographer but if you want that action/reaction shots, more detail shots or splitting locations in the morning due to time constrains, upgrade your package.


It pays to do a visit to the location of your photo shoot before your big day. This is for you to iron out issues with your photographer and have all the details to save time and better shots. 


Lighting is key when you are shooting photos indoors.  Big windows or even skylights help to get those stunning shots. The photographers will always have flash but natural lighting is always best.


Setting up for a photo shoot is an exciting and challenging experience and you have to keep things simple when you want to do a photo shoot on your big day. Look around your environment and see if there are any objects that you can repurpose for your photo shoot. You might need a DSLR camera with 128gb Micro SD to store memorable moments that occur on your big date.

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